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I love resources that ensure all pupils are able to access & feel confident within lessons. It makes me sad when a pupil feels stressed because they don't get it. I love hearing a pupil say "I am on it miss". All resources for main part of lessons are differentiated to 3 if not 4 levels of progress. Starters are mixed ability so that I can get pupils to feel confident in areas they struggle on. Any queries please email me; shacostello@gmail.com

pdf, 2.39 MB
pdf, 2.39 MB
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - Thoughts and Crosses.
Could also be treated as Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – differentiated worksheet.

1. 16 questions on thoughts and crosses, moving from foundation level to exceeding.
2.Cross Curricular link encourages literacy with the pupils, pupils speaking to each other and explaining to how solve problems (this is a massive focus in our school).
3. 16 solutions provided.
4. Set of instructions to ensure the task runs smoothly.
5. Printable version – white version.

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Idea behind task;
To develop pupil’s mathematical discussions and thinking/reasoning skills. To encourage pupils to think about what they are writing down in the exam. By speaking to their partner it means their explanation and answers must make sense. Good practice for the exam to ensure they show full working out and to check their answer makes sense.

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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


Number tasks GCSE Bundle

A number of tasks to support pupils in KS3 and KS4 number tasks. Pupils will work on treasure hunts, thoughts and crosses, tick or trash, catchphrase and RAG task. Pupils are supported and engaged in tasks that move from foundation to exceeding.


Fractions ( Mix of Fraction work)

A collection of fraction activities perfect for lessons or revision. Differentiated and created with the new curriculum in mind. There are basic fluency tasks, moving to application, reasoning and problem solving. Solutions included for each task.


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This is a thoughts and crosses (can be used as a differentiated worksheet or a thoughts and crosses activity) Instructions included along with solutions. Tick or Trash - A basic consolidation task particularly for those pupils who are struggling and need some support, or else to use as a plenary to check how much progress pupils have made. FDP homework and WAGOLL sheet. I scan in all my WAGOLL sheets and convert to PDF. Hand out to pupils with a homework that has similar worded problems. I have seen a massive improvement in quality of homework that I am receiving. File type: PDF Printing tip: Please click - 'Print to fit page' or "fit to A4', whichever option is on your own printed so that it prints on A4 for you. Terms of use; Please use only by the customer paying for the resource.


Thoughts and Crosses Bundle

My pupils absolute loving the challenge of these activities. Pupils work in pairs and the first person to get a connect four wins. Both pupils are coaching each other to ensure answers are correct. Really nice way of engaging pupils.




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5 years ago

Great as always! Thanks for sharing.


5 years ago

Perfect for new curriculum and consolidating. thank you for sharing!


5 years ago

Thank you for sharing this I used it for targeted questioning following marking of books. Very useful.

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