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With a skillful piece of photocopying this can be transformed into 1 sheet of A4 paper folded into the back of a child's book that will detail each of the AFs (Assessment Focuses) for reading, writing and speaking & listening, along with a definition and a graphic. The graphics used coincide with those used in the classroom display posters I have also uploaded to ensure familiarity. Having these in a book allows easy and permanent access for reference.

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Assessment focuses for reading for books

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CreatedAug 24, 2010
UpdatedNov 20, 2014

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    user avatarjanebf2 years agoReport

    A good help, thanks

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    Thank you

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    user avatarbellebert2 years agoReport

    Absolutely perfect! Was looking for a quick and easily referenced sheet detailing AFs so that I could explain the delicacies of Literacy to parents. You have saved me hours of work. Many thanks.

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    user avatarsiloo2 years agoReport

    Wonderful stuff ! Thank you !

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    Thanks for this simple but very clear and helpful resource.