Allez 2 - Units 1, 2, 3, 4 (worth £34)

All my resources contain a starter activity for each lesson on the first slide + learning objective + challenge activities throughout the power-points + vocabulary games and worksheets with challenge activities.

  • Grammar points with activities on phrasal verbs, modal verbs and verbs of opinion + infinitive
  • Grammar point with activities on impersonal structures and the negative form
  • Formal and informal sentences
  • Develop arguments for and against new technologies
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise the imperative
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise the imperfect
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise modal verbs
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise direct object pronouns
  • Grammar points with activities on irregular adjectives
  • Grammar point on verbs of preferences + opinions
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise the past tense
  • Grammar explanation on adjective agreement
  • Revise the plural of nouns and adjectives
  • Direct Object pronouns explained clearly and progressively to KS3 pupils
  • Written and spoken exercises to practise using direct object pronouns
  • A role play on direct object pronouns
  • Grammar points with plenty of activities to practise faire + inf. and rendre + adj.
  • Sentence building activity on comparatives
  • A lesson on comparatives to build up the vocabulary range of your students
  • Fill the gaps activity on the perfect tense (revision of the perfect tense)
  • Vocabulary building activities on pressures faced by teenagers
  • Vocabulary building activities on new technologies
  • Vocabulary building activities on what people used to do compared to what they do now
  • Vocabulary building activities on house chores, numbers and modal verbs
  • Give your opinion on music
  • Vocabulary building activities on types of music
  • Research work on music
  • Time phrases activity and vocabulary building
  • Give your opinion on books
  • Vocabulary building activities on types of books
  • Learn the vocabulary linked to TV programs
  • Give your opinion about TV programs
  • Writing activities on a French cartoon character and a famous French character
  • A fun Kinesthetic game on the differences between France and Great Britain
  • Quizzes on French famous characters and French cartoons
  • Reading activity on dates
  • Vocabulary worksheets to be able to give complex opinions
  • Mini-whiteboard competition on imperfect verb endings
  • Speaking game to build sentences with opinions in the imperfect tense
  • A trancript and activity linked to a listening exercise on the imperfect that I created (please email me so I can forward the audio file to you)
  • Revise high numbers with plenty of games + use of mini-whiteboards
  • Surveys to do around the class
  • Translation activities with mini-whiteboards
  • Speaking activity on cinema and opinion about movies
  • How to formulate questions and answer in the third person
  • Writing activity on cinema and past tense
  • Writing activity on relationships
  • Homework : creative writing task/create poster in groups
  • Homework task on the imperfect tense
  • An adjective agreement game to do in class with all the students (see explanation under the slide)
  • Reading activity on French geography (comparisons)
  • Role-play activities
  • Plickers activity (see website to use it)

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I hope you will enjoy my resources and if you have a question on a particular slide or activity, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a message. I would really appreciate some feedback :-) Thank you very much.


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Created: Oct 18, 2018

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