American Experience Project: What is an American? History of Citizenship, and American Identity proj
There are many reasons as why people immigrate to America. With each wave of immigration, we come up with a new definition of “The American Identity”. People (society), the economics of our/other countries, and our politics dictate what an American is, and often puts limits on those that come to the United States.
Amongst assimilating to “American Culture”; immigrants face many hardships (social, political, and economic). It is your goal to depict the immigrant experience on paper with pictures and written dialect. However, like many of the immigrants that have come to America, you will have a language barrier (you cannot use or speak in English…except to provide me with an answer key, describing your pictures/ written language).

In completing this assignment you will….

1) Choose either 1-2 waves of immigration OR use modern events/ times
2) Describe the push and pull factors (listing/ labeling them as social, political or economic)
3) Describe historical events/ significance
4) Describe limits placed on the immigrants (listing/ labeling them as social, political or economic)
5) Describe the experience using all senses ( Ex What would you see, hear, physically feel, taste, smell and why)
6) Use specific data/facts
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