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Previously TES recommended author of 3 resources. Interactive resources, many of which involve Powerpoint or Excel to make Maths easier to plan and engage! Specifically I like to design repetitive yet engaging resources, which are often progressively difficult to foster calm lessons , create routine and encourage excitement in learning. 4th year of teaching, got an IMA scholarship for my potential ideas. Currently working in Spain in an international school, originally trained in England.

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Easy to use worksheet generator, involving students having to find angles within a larger triangles. Involving the knowlede of identifying triangles, finding the angles within invidual triangles, and angles on a straight line. This is a worksheet generator so and infinite number of questions can be generated from this one resource. Therefore, this is great as a settler activity over a number of lessons, as it’s general structure stays the same whilst the numbers change for each worksheet. Also, it can show progress over time, as students should get quicker and become more confident at answering these questions.

For a free sample of this resource, see the triangle problems within the following resource:

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Angles in polygons, including exterior and exterior; Angles within circles; Pictures, Videos and Worksheets

This is a bundle of 6 of my resources regarding angles! 5 documents are generators, which means at the click of any button you are able to generate a new worksheet. This provides a calm atmosphere in learning, familiarity in resources for students and can demonstrate progress over time. 3 of these documents are worksheet generators, which require students to find angles within polygons by viewing the polygons themselves. The easiest worksheet just regards triangles and straight lines. The medium worksheet involves quadrilaterals, simple algebra, and straight lines. Whereas the last worksheet involves a multitude of polygons. Each come with a supporting tab call a 'cheat sheet', containing an answer for every question listed on a separate bit of paper. These can be individually cut up and folded along the dotted line to act as supporting answers, You can use thesse at your discretion to support the least able, enabling these worksheets to be low access high challenge. Furthermore, another of these documents also requires you to find missing angles and lengths within various polygons by using algebra. Helpfully there is are hints which can either be included, or not included on the sheet, as they are on the sheet's extremities so can easily can be cut off. Another worksheet regards angles, but this time they are entirely worded question. Testing students knowledge on exterior angles as well as interior angles this time. Finally the last document is a powerpoint involving 5 videos of me hand drawing different circle theorems. Each of the videos are silent but supported by questioning on the screen. This has proved to be a very useful tool in maximising student engagement, and getting the students to come up with the questions and answers themselves whilst watching the video, whilst you are able to help individuals or manage behaviour as required. Each of the videos, has futher suggestion points, and each can be paused and resumed at a pace that suits your class. Please review if you found useful :)



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