Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
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This resource contains a fully editable, 75 slide, PowerPoint presentation and a 14 page workbook / 14 worksheets on the skeletal system - a component of AQA’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology specification. (AQA 9-1 GCSE PE September 2018 version 1.2). The resources have been designed to support the delivery of the AQA GCSE PE syllabus. It can also be used to support the OCR, Eduquas, Edexcel and WJEC GCSE PE specifications.

The resources focus on:

The bones of the skeleton
Structure of the skeleton
Functions of the skeleton
The structure of a synovial joint
Types of freely movable joints that allow different movements
How joints differ in design to allow certain types of movement at a joint
Types of movement - flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, rotation, circumduction, plantar flexion, dorsiflexion

The PowerPoint contains a variety of questions to check the pupils’ understanding of the skeletal system and its impact on sporting performance. It also includes four hyperlinks to videos explaining the difference between ligaments and tendons, the structure of a synovial joint, the skeletal system and how the human anatomy and skeletal system help sporting performance.

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This bundle contains everything you need to deliver the skeletal system component of the AQA GCSE specification - PowerPoint presentation, 14 page workbook / 14 worksheets, end of unit test with GCSE style questions, PowerPoint revision quiz, revision mat.

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