English GCSE and English KS3 resources
English GCSE and English KS3 resources
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English GCSE and English KS3 resources by a lead practitioner. Everything I upload is tried and tested by both myself and my English Department. I always appreciate feedback, so please do leave a review if you get chance. Leave a review and choose any other single resource for free! Just get in touch at info@englishgcse.co.uk

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AQA English Language Paper 2 Q4 lesson that focuses on helping students to make effective comparisons between two texts, in this case looking at the similarities between two non-fiction articles on crime and punishment. A fully differentiated and resourced lesson that helps students to structure effective answers to Q4. Includes modelled answers that allow students to see how to make comparisons between two texts. Ideal preparation for both KS3 and KS4 students getting ready for AQA English Language Paper 2 Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives.

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AQA English Language Paper 2

AQA English Language Paper 2 bundle that has recently been revamped and updated. Every lesson took around 7-10 hours to make and include modelled answers, scaffolds, differentiated activities, sources, engaging activities to open up challenging Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5 (Non-fiction writing) tasks to all students.<br /> <br /> The bundle contains 20 resources that cover both Section A (Nonfiction reading) and Section B (Nonfiction writing) so you know you'll be looking at the whole exam.<br /> <br /> The lessons contained are:<br /> <br /> 1) Introduction lesson that looks at travel writing (Q1, Q2, Q4) - Armitage and Dickens<br /> 2) Lesson on Donald Trump article that covers Q1 and Q3<br /> 3) Lesson on travel writing (Rory Stewart, Dorothy Wordsworth) that covers Q1, Q2 and Q3.<br /> 4) Summary writing lesson that looks at Dickens and a Unicef speech<br /> 5) Crime and Punishment lesson on Q1 and Q2<br /> 6) Crime and Punishment lesson on Q2<br /> 7) Crime and Punishment lesson on Q3<br /> 8) Crime and Punishment lesson on Q4<br /> 9) Paper 2 walking, talking mock that uses the theme of crime and punishment<br /> 10) Section B opening and ending articles<br /> 11) Newspaper article writing / writing to explain<br /> 12) Magazine article writing / writing to argue<br /> 13) Speech writing (Winston Churchill)<br /> 14) Speech writing (Barack Obama)<br /> 15) Paper 2 exam preparation lesson<br /> 16) Paper 2 revision lesson<br /> 17) Escape room revision lesson<br /> 18) Paper 2 Section A knowledge organiser<br /> 19) Paper 2 Section A exam practice pack<br /> 20) Florence Nightingale themed Q1-Q4 lessons<br /> <br /> Bundle (20x 1hr PP, differentiated tasks throughout using new GCSE numbering system)<br /> <br /> All tasks differentiated according to new GCSE numbering system, this bundle is designed for the New Spec AQA Language Paper 2.<br /> <br /> Complete 1 hour, well differentiated lessons, with worksheets where applicable.<br /> Suitable for KS4 or adaptable for KS3<br /> Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core<br /> Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above.<br /> <br /> Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop:<br /> <a href="https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Lead_Practitioner">Lead Practitioner's Shop</a>


AQA English Language Paper 2 Section A

ELEVEN fully differentiated and resourced whole lessons that focus on Section A of AQA English Language Paper 2 - Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives. Includes lessons on Q2, Q3 and Q4, with modelled answers, scaffolds, differentiated activities and much more. Ideal preparation for both KS3 and KS4 students.





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