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3 structured lessons covering topics from AS Chemistry Alkanes from the OCR Specification

Lesson 1: Properties of Alkanes

  1. To know alkanes are saturated alkanes containing sigma (σ)bonds that are free to rotate
  2. Explain the shape and bond angle round each carbon atom in alkanes in terms of electron pair repulsion
  3. Describe and explain the variations in boiling points of alkanes with different carbon chain lengths and branching in terms of London forces

Lesson 2: Combustion of Alkanes

  1. To understand why alkanes are good fuels
  2. To recall the equations (both word and symbol) for complete combustion of alkanes
  3. To recall the equations (both word and symbol) for incomplete complete combustion of alkanes

Lesson 3: Free Radical Substitution of Alkanes

1)To know what a free radical is
2) To describe the reaction mechanism for the free-radical substitution of alkanes including initiation, propagation and termination
3) To analyse the limitations of radical substitution in synthesis by formation of a mixture of organic products


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