Autism and Special Education Reading Comprehension Clue Cards- UK Version

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Autism comprehension and vocabulary activity.

This version of the product uses UK spellings but a US version is also available.

This is a set of 15 Clue Card boards- each with 4 different sets of 3 clues, which your pupil has to read and solve. The first 10 boards have picture answers and the remaining 5 only use words.

For less confident readers an adult could read the clues aloud to the pupils, or you could take turns reading the clues.

These Clue Cards were originally designed because my my son, who has autism, found it difficult to comprehend verbal descriptions of objects. Initially he guessed separate answers for each of the 3 clues, but gradually he learned to put all 3 clues together to find the correct answer. He now loves word puzzles such as crosswords.

Some of the clues are deliberately more obvious than others to ensure your pupils feel some success.

I suggest laminating the boards for durability, and using velcro dots to secure the answers.

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All the graphics used in our resources have been designed to appeal to a wide age range, as we know how difficult it can be to find suitable resources for teens.

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