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Awesome Praise & Behaviour Management Bundle.

In this fantastic Back to School bundle are SEVEN awesome resources:

Everything you need for a great start to the year.

Reward Bingo: This resource is meant to be printed out onto A3 paper and displays in the classroom. This can be used as a reward for excellent work. We usually allow pupils to choose their own number and write their name in the space provided. Once the two sheets are full numbers are chosen at random and rewards are issued to the lucky winners.

RewardJars-Behaviour Management: This PowerPoint Contains two reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour management strategy! Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it.

A great visual way of letting your class know how well they are behaving!! A visual PowerPoint display that you can use with your classes for behaviour management. We have included an editable and an uneducable version purely due to the fonts we have used. There are also Poor, improvement and Excellent behaviour certificates that can be printed out and given to the child to take home. These can be edited on the PowerPoint if you wish to add a reason for certification, for example. A PDF version is available for ease of printout also.

Tree Climb Activity: Join Alfie the Alien as he climbs to the top of the tree to reach his spaceship. This is a really fun editable resource with 10 points of movement. This can be used as a visual reward tool. Press the right arrow to move up the tree and left arrow to move down. Alternatively, use this as a visual tool for question time-the same principle applies. Either way your pupils will love this resource!

Noise-O-Meter: This is a great visual way of letting your class know just how loud they are!!

This visual PowerPoint can be used with your classes for noise management. There are instructions in the PPT on how to use this INTERACTIVE resource. Please note, This doesn't automatically measure the noise levels within the classroom. It is for the teacher to determine whether the noise levels are acceptable and to click the appropriate segment for the relevant message to be displayed.

Quick Notes: This resource has been invaluable in our teaching. The pack includes three performance related quick notes that you should have printed and cut out in preparation for handing to the children at the end of the school day or lesson. It is suitable for any year group and any subject.

There are three Quick Notes in total:


Theses should be filled in with the relevant information about the child and handed to them at the end of the lesson/ school day. They are designed to be given to the pupil's parents as an indication of their performance. We hope that you enjoy this FREEBIE resource!

Back To School : Behaviour Management/ Classroom Management INTERACTIVE!
Rewards and Sanctions-This is a great addition to your back to school toolkit! This fully interactive resource is designed to help you keep record of the behaviour of each pupil during your lesson. Most schools now have a rewards and sanctions policy. This resource has been designed for
you to use as a visual aid during the lesson that enables you and your pupils to see how many points they are being awarded and (if necessary) how many warnings they have received. The PowerPoint includes two tutorials for you to know exactly how to use this resource to its maximum capacity. There are two versions of the Rewards and Sanctions page. It is entirely up to you which you use. In essence they both have the same capabilities, but different visuals. The interactive slides can be copied and pasted into your own presentation or can be used as a standalone resource. Each time you add a class list to this resource, it is advisable that you save it under that class name.

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4 years ago

A super behaviour management tool, with engaging student materials. Great value for money!


4 years ago

What amazing value for money. My class will enjoy using these.


4 years ago

Thanks for this. Great value bundle. The products are engaging,

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