Back to school. Automatic Student Name Chooser
Get to know your new students with some question and answer sessions. This resource allows you to simply type in the names of your students on the slides provided. Then start the slideshow. It will begin with a "Name Chooser" page. All you have to do is click anywhere on the blue circle and it will take you to a random name slide. Perhaps the chosen student can then say hi to the class, or answer a question about their holiday?

Fun spinning animation and an exciting wallpaper make this a captivating way of choosing students for tasks or to answer questions at any time of the year, but it is definitely useful at the start of the new school year when everyone is getting to know each other. This resource is also provided in a fully editable format so that it can be modified for a wide range of other purposes.

I use this in my own school and the students love the random nature of the selection.
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