Back to School Plenaries
Always be prepared with this Plenary kit. This has a fantastic range of mini activities for back to school and can even be used for distance learning via Teams or Zoom. Contains the original Plenary Generator and our CHRISTMAS version.

This is a fully INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC.

The PPT consists of 70 Slides

Use the Plenary Generator Wheel to select one of the 10 plenaries within this presentation. Press the ’Start’ Button to spin the wheel and the 'Stop’ button to select a number. Each plenary should last 10 minutes. Perfect for Assessment for Learning ( AFL )

Please note…

Some of these plenaries require printouts-Supplied with this resource. It is suggested that copies are printed in bulk in preparation for use.

List of plenary Activities:

1. Tree Climb Activity

2. Pass the Bomb PLEASE NOTE: there are two versions of this resource so as to include 'Beat the Clock' alternative to 'Pass the Bomb' as we realise that this could be a sensitive activity for some pupils.

3. Letter Investigator

4. Beat the Clock – Balloon Timer.

5. Opinion Line

6. Chatterbox /Cootie Catcher

7. Memory Game

8. We Say, You Play

9. Reverse Cognition

10. Emoji Graph

Final Task: Exit Pass

If you'd like to view our Starter Generator, please follow this link:
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