Behavior Calendar

►What’s Included?◄

You will receive a behavior calendar (in PDF format), which can be reproduced for all of the students in your class. Only one calendar is needed for the entire school year.

►How to Use◄
A behavior calendar is a behavior tracking tool that offers an alternative to the time-intensive behavior charts that are commonly utilized in classrooms today.

A few factors that make this behavior calendar so practical include:

-This calendar provides a list of inappropriate behaviors and common locations, as well as a key for each of these items, allowing you to quickly and efficiently track the behaviors of each of your students.

-Behavior charts that utilize a color system to indicate inappropriate behaviors (for example, a green color indicates “great” behavior, yellow indicates “needs improvement,” and red indicates “bad” behavior) often do not provide enough details regarding behaviors that need improvement. Younger children may forget or be unwilling to tell their parents exactly what negative behaviors they engaged in when only a color or vague description is provided. This behavior calendar provides specific feedback to parents and children, which allows more efficient communication between parents and teachers. Additionally, it provides more detailed RTI data for teachers regarding students who engage in frequent inappropriate behaviors and the locations that those behaviors commonly occur.

-If a clip-down or color system is utilized to track behaviors, this calendar can be adapted to include this data. Teachers can allow students to fill in their color at the end of the day, in addition to the details provided by the calendar key.

-Because this calendar is labeled by weeks instead of months, teachers only need to print one sheet and make enough copies for each of their students to last the entire school year. This eliminates the hassle of printing out a different calendar each month.

► Terms of Use ◄
This artwork is copyrighted by Roots To Growth. This purchase is strictly for non-commercial use only. You may print and use in your home, business, or public place but may not resell, reproduce, distribute by electronic means or profit in any way from the design. Unlimited amount of copies can be made for your personal use.


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