Biology, microscopes, cells, plants, enzymes, magnification - 15 Lessons
Listed here are 15 Biology Lessons that make up this Outstanding bundle. Save yourself 15-20 hours of work and give your students the best education.

Lesson 1: Microscopes
Lesson 2: Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
Lesson 3: Organelles in eukaryotes
Lesson 4: Organelles in prokaryotes
Lesson 5: Plants and animal cells
Lesson 6: Cell specialism
Lesson 7: Plant adaptations
Lesson 8: Magnification and Scale
Lesson 9: Enzymes experiment
Lesson 10: Enzymes problem based learning
Lesson 11: Enzyme practical
Lesson 12: Food tests of protein, fat, sugar, starch
Lesson 13: Calorimetry
Lesson 14: The theory of enzymes


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Biology - Magnification and scale - Lesson 8
Biology - Osmosis, diffusion and active transport
Cell specialism: sperm, egg and cilliated epithelial
Eukaryote organelles
Microscopes - magnification and scale
Prokaryote vs Eukaryotes
Osmosis, diffusion and active transport

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Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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