This film explores the varying fortunes of what is arguably Britain’s most iconic tourist destination Following the stages of Butler’s Model the film explores Blackpool before the railway age, Blackpool in its heyday, the decline of Blackpool’s tourism trade and looks at the possible future for the town. Supported by maps, archive footage and interviews, this film challenges students to think about the concept of tourism and incorporates suggestions for sustainable development of smaller tourist destinations – an alternative to the boom ‘n’ bust of large scale tourism development.


  • CLASS30 - Blackpool - The Development of a Tourist Destination.pdf

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    I found the link where you can buy the DVD/ pay for streaming

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    user avatarKAMcArthur5 years agoreport

    Did anyone ever find out how we get the full video??

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    user avatarsophieb885 years agoreport

    How can we watch the whole video? On youtube its only a 2minute excerpt? It looks great! Really want to get my hands on a copy! Any suggestions?

  • test 2

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    Good video on tourism in Blackpool and how it links to KS4 courses.