Engineering, the one stop shop.
Engineering, the one stop shop.
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Resources provided for hard material technologies covering Engineering, Resistant Materials and Product Design. Designed by a former blacksmith with 8 years teaching experience and 6 years examination and moderation experience!

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This is a 22 page booklet created is in PowerPoint with A4 landscape layout, that covers all four areas of the Unit 2, which can be adapted to be used for any product. Fully editable and with no particular product in mind (one size fits all) with the exception of the specification help sheet which focuses on torches (but this is transferable knowledge.) We're planning to use torches for the specification and quality section and the Nissan leaf for materials and manufacture, as focusing on one product tends to leave students a little weary/unfocused. The booklet can also be used in conjunction with the online assignment briefs given out as a booklet or each section one at a time.

One version has guidelines to help students write down their answers by hand if you school lacks IT equipment, I know mine does! The other version could be uploaded into google drive and converted to a slide document (might need a little reformatting but not a lot CABIN is my preferred font) or turned into a .pdf for Dropbox or Dochub.)

p.1 Title slide
p.2 Specification guidance & keywords/sentence structure.
p.3 Dissassembly.
P.4 Specification help sheet with generic questions to guide students.
p. 5-7 Specification worksheets covering all headings from Edexcel guidance.

p.8 Materials helpsheet.
p.9 Materials & components images collection.
p.10-11 Two materials in detail.
p.12 The environmental impact of materials.

p.13 Manufacturing help sheets.
p.14 Manufacturing methods for two components in relation to specific components.
p.15-16 Manufacturing methods for two components in detail.
p.17 Comparing the environmental impact of manufacturing methods - essay style answer.

p.18 Quality control and assurance guidance and keywords.
p.19 Quality control checks.
p.20 Specific quality control checks in relation to TQM. (TQM is not on the syllabus but some of the students find it easier to grasp and it gives a better full over, which is less specific than Kaizen.
p.21 TQM mind map.
p.22 Evaluating different quality assurance systems table (I usually use Kaizen, TMQ and Poka Yoke.)

Thanks for looking, any questions just ask!



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5 years ago

Excellent booklet to deliver the unit, a great help.<br />

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