BULLIES (Better Use of Language Labeling Individuals to Enrich Socialization) is a unit to be used across grade levels that assists students in examining language used and social interactions experienced during bullying incidents. Labels are given to individuals involved in bullying scenarios and real-life incidents. These labels include 'bullies,' 'bullying victims,' 'witnesses to bullying,' 'teachers,' and 'parents.'

However, instead of just labeling those involved actively or inactively during bullying incidents, this unit will help students identify which label applies in various scenarios and explore how the social behavior of each individual in specific scenarios can be changed to prevent bullying. There is also an easy to facilitate assessment teachers can use to determine which of the labels fits each student after participation in the unit's activities.

NOTE: the assessment may also be used as a pre- and post- test of each student's possible role in a past, present, or future bullying incident. Although the main purpose of the assessment is to determine if students meet the goal and objectives of the unit, the three-question multiple choice assessment could be used in a number of ways; including: assessing students after a bullying incident to determine the states of mind of students involved in a bullying incident; and/or to assess school staff and/or parents' attitudes regarding bullying.
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