Card Sort: Abortion Debate

This issue of abortion is a controversial subject, which has to be handled with sensitivity. On the one side we have pro choice who advocate abortion as key to women achieving equality with men, whilst on the other we have pro life who argue that far from helping women achieve equality it actually allows society to continue to ignore the issues that face women such as equal pay, childcare and promotion on merit. This outstanding resources has been tried and tested in the classroom over many years and aims to help students understand some of the main arguments for and against abortion. It can be used as a starter, plenary or main activity to accompany any main stream text book or resource on this topic. The nature of the task means that it appeals to the full range of ability.

The main activity involves getting students to cut out the cards in lesson, organize them into their most persuasive order under the two main headings and then sick them into their books. Once students have fed back their results to a class discussion, they can then have a go at the extended writing activity. Alternatively, they can create a key and then sort through the cards and then stick the sheet into their book or you could cut out the cards and place them into an envelope for them to sort prior to a discussion on the topic. This is a great resource that can be easily adapted to suit your classroom and expectations.

When you purchase this resource, you will be able to download a single page Word Document which contains a learning objective, instructions, two heading cards as well as sixteen statements that can sorted under them.

The aims of this lesson / activity are:

Theme: Moral Ethics and Philosophy
Know: What is abortion?
Understand: What are the arguments for and against Abortion?
Evaluate: Are there any circumstances in which it s acceptable to take another life?

WILF - What am I Looking For?
Identify and describe - what is Euthanasia?
Explain - the arguments for and against Euthanasia?
Analyze - Are there any circumstances in which it is acceptable to take another life?

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