Over the years I've had a lot of fun teaching with these great resources. They can be used together as a revision exercise or used separately as starters or plenary activities. Once you have made the Top Trumps, they can recycled as starters and plenaries until the time of the exams.

The first resource is a simple card matching exercise. It includes a list of twelve famous men and twelve matching cards that summarise briefly their contribution to medicine through time. Once students have completed this task, I usually ask them to sort the cards into the correct chronological order. This should take about 15 minutes depending upon the class.

The second resource, which also includes the aims and objectives contains some blank Top Trump Cards which the students can complete about each individual. There is space for the famous individual's name, time period, short and long term contribution as well as there overall contribution to medicine. Students can use the text books or their notes to help fill in these sections. They should also give each section a score out of ten for when they play the Top Trump game.

As a revision exercise both these resources work really well together. You could also use them to investigate and find out about each person and their contribution. These resources are I supplied in Word and PowerPoint so you can easily adapt them for your class. Your students can also create addition Top Trump Cards for other famous people as a bit of stretch and challenge.

The aims and objectives are:

Theme: Medicine Through Time
Know: Which famous people have contributed to medicine?
Understand: What did they discover or contribute?
Evaluate: How important was their contribution / discovery?

WILF – What Am I Looking For?
Identify & describe: Which key individuals have made contributions to medicine?
Explain: Why were their contributes important?
Evaluate: How significant was their contribution to the growth of medical knowledge?

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