Card Sort:  Cloning - Arguments For & Against

Should scientist be allowed to cone animals to help solve a variety of problems from food shortages, organ failure and infertility? This is a hotly debated topics which overlaps into several areas of the curriculum . Should scientists be allowed to play God? This outstanding resource has been tried and tested in the classroom over many years and aims to help students understand some of the ethical and religious arguments for and against cloning. It can be used as a starter, plenary or main activity to accompany any main stream text book or resource on this topic. The nature of the task means that it appeals to the full range of ability.

When you purchase this resource, you will be able to download a single page Word Document which contains a learning objective, instructions, two heading cards as well as sixteen fully editable statements that can sorted under them. I’ve also linked in three video clips to this page which are worthwhile watching with your students depending on their ability.

The aims of this lesson / activity are:

Theme: The Value of LIfe
Know: What is cloning?
Understand: What are the arguments for and against the use of cloning by scientists?
Evaluate: Should scientist interfere with the laws of nature and natural conception through cloning?

WILF - What am I Looking For?
Identify and describe - What is cloning and why are some people opposed to it?
Explain - the arguments for and against using cloning?
Analyze - Should scientist interfere with the laws of nature and natural conception through cloning?

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