Recommended by TES. There are 4 sets of questions (Number, Algebra, Shape, Data) which are mainly A and A* (with some lower grade questions from topics which students struggle with, e.g. percentages, constructions). PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT. Students work in pairs or small groups to answer the questions. When they finish a question they get it marked and if it is correct they are given cash to the value of the question. There are bank notes which you can put your school name and pictures of your teachers on. The team with the most money at the end could be given a prize.


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  • cash for questions - number.doc
  • bank notes - example.pdf
  • bank notes - blank.doc
  • cash for questions - algebra.doc
  • cash for questions - shape.doc
  • cash for questions - data.doc
  • cash for questions - solutions.doc

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    user avatarsuni2 years agoreport


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    user avatarukwuoma2 years agoreport

    Excellent resources for revision. My competitive Yr 11s will love this. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarEmJ253 years agoreport

    Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Love this resource. I'll be trying it out later this year when revising with my Y11s. Thanks for uploading.

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    awesome activity, great to have the answers, bank notes add a spice of competition and fun, Cheers