Chinese New YearPresentation and Chinese New Year Quiz
This resource contains a presentation and a PowerPoint quiz on the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) which lasts for 15 days culminating in the Lantern Festival.


This is a fully editable, colourful and informative 77 slide PowerPoint. It could be used for a one-off assembly / lesson or a series of assemblies/ lessons. It contains hyperlinks to animated legends of how the Chinese came to have their calendar, New Year's Eve street firework displays, the Lion and Dragon Dance and the Festival of Lanterns.

PowerPoint Quiz

This contains 38 slides and is presented by two Chinese children.

Both resources focus on the legends, the animal zodiac, the re-union meal, Chinese New Year decorations, fireworks, customs, symbols, preparations, red envelopes, New Year's Eve, - New Year's Day, street celebrations - the Lion and Dragon Dance and the Lantern Festival.

These resources will contribute to the pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural' learning (SMSC) and actively promote the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

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