Chocolate Bar Persuasive Writing; Advertisements

A 3-week unit in which pupils analyse current advertisements (TV & printed) for persuasion. and then plan, design é advertise their own chocolate bar. Includes a number of activities, such as designing a chocolate bar, writing a persuasive advertising campaign and creating a radio advert. PPT includes daily VCOP starters and weekly spellings from KS3 spelling list. PLEASE REVIEW!!


16 Reviews

  • annettita21 days agoReport

    This is the exact topic we are covering this week! Thank you for sharing your persuasive writing.

  • jessett19702 months agoReport

    How can I access the adverts? They will not open for me.

  • Perfect as a start to adapt for my planning for persuasive writing. Huge help!

  • 019253997 months agoReport

    Fabulous resource. I loved it so much that you have inspired me to learn how to put videos into ppts. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • mrs_han8 months agoReport

    Brilliant resource - thank you. Do you have the planning to go alongside it?