Christianity: St. Columba Activity Pack
This activity pack consists of a set of 10 activities to use with your students when teaching about St. Columba. There is a mixture of engaging and attractive activities which ensure high-quality learning experiences for all students. They are encouraged to debate, to express their own opinions and to think more deeply about this topic.

How to use this pack?
It is recommended that these activities be used after teaching about St. Columba. Resource suggestions to teach the topic of St. Columba:
St. Columba Presentation
St. Columba: Life and Times

All activities are clearly linked to success criteria. They are suitable for homework, during class activities (as starters or plenaries) or for revision. Answer keys are included.

This resource contains:
✶ Cover
✶ Teacher Notes (including learning objectives, ways of differentiating, detailed instructions on how and when to use these activities and printing tips)
✶ 10 Activities and answer keys:
      ☺Activity 1: Scrambled sentences
      ☺ Activity 2: Write an acrostic poem
      ☺ Activity 3: If these are the answers, what were the questions?
      ☺ Activity 4: Note taking and cartoon storyboard
      ☺ Activity 5: Design your own illuminated manuscript
      ☺ Activity 6: Design your own stained-glass window
      ☺ Activity 7: Group activity
      ☺ Activity 8: Reflective questions
      ☺ Activity 9: Identify the symbols
      ☺ Activity 10: St. Columba’s portrait
✶ TOU/Credits

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