Christmas Cards Art Activity, Personalised Reindeer - add your photo

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Get in the festive spirit and have fun in the classroom making these reindeer 'photo face' greetings cards for family or friends this Christmas

Get the glitter out, decorate the reindeer and add a photograph of your student's face to create this fun, personalised Christmas card.

The pack contains:
1. outline reindeer card template to ‘colour your own’ card with 3 greetings options:
Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Christmas
2. Two pre coloured cards, in red and blue with patterned reindeers where you just print the card, cut and fold and add the photograph to complete

Finish the cards with a small red pom pom nose or red sticker!

Materials needed:
Heavyweight Paper to print cards
Photograph of child’s face, to fit the oval shape
Felt tips / coloured pencils / pastels / wax crayons
Scissors and glue / tape

Print the required templates
Fold and cut the cards - finished size 7 x 5 inches

Decorate and add the photo to the reindeer’s face
If you prefer, children can draw a small picture of their face instead of using a photograph
Add a red nose!

Include an envelope if you wish

Finished cards measure 7 x 5 inches and will fit a standard envelope of your choice.

All original artwork ©The ImaginationBox/Diane Pagan 2016

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  • happy-holidays-template.pdf
  • happy-christmas-template.pdf
  • blue-reindeer-card.pdf
  • red-reindeer-card.pdf
  • deer-card-instructionsTES.pdf
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