Colons and Semi-Colons are the perfect punctuation team. They can help students achieve higher levels in their writing. Find out how to use them correctly with this animated guide.


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    user avatarseely225 months agoreport

    My students pointed out there is no comma before the 'and' so not all that helpful but ok.

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    user avatarFranb52 years agoreport

    Too many mistakes to make this worth using in a lesson. What a shame.

  • 2
    user avatartajmahal2 years agoreport

    A couple of punctuation errors? No semi-colon needed before 'and' in the camping list example. 'The Beatles' beginning with a capital T may suggest that a capital is required after a colon.....

  • 5

    Thank you, a super way for the children to learn. Thank you

  • 4
    user avatarZsidik4 years agoreport

    Super cool! Thank you!