Colour by Number Range, Remembrance Day Poppy - Collaborative 25-Sheet Math Mosaic (5 Versions!)
Help students Remember this November as they collaboratively colour their sections of the class mosaic, then piece together their work to reveal the large mosaic image.

Students gain practice placing numbers within an interval given using inequality symbols. The lower bound is inclusive while the upper bound is exclusive.

Five versions are included in this bundle:

• Number (basic colour-by-number style, positive values under 50)
• Positive Number Ranges (positive range assigned to each colour)
• Integer Number Ranges (colour ranges include negative, spanning -50 to +50)
• Decimal Number Ranges (numbers with up to 2 decimal places)
• Rational Number Ranges (decimal and improper fraction values)

INCLUDED: (zip file contents)
• .docx and .pdf versions of everything
• Complete class sets of 25 worksheets for each of the 5 versions
• Coloured mosaic with coordinates for easy assembly guidance
• Teaching Tips to help you implement this with your class smoothly

Thanks for checking this out! I'd love to hear you feedback!
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Created: Nov 2, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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