Colouring by Quadratics - Factorable Holiday Fun, 5 Small-Group Versions
A highly engaging task that combines collaborative motivation with individual accountability. Students solve factorable quadratic equations to decode the colour-by-number answer key.

There are 5 different holiday mosaics, made up of 4 worksheets each. Students complete their own sheet, then cut and combine with their group members. Each student's worksheet represents a quarter of the larger picture.

Leave the pictures a surprise :)

It's easy:
1) Calculate
2) Colour
3) Cut
4) Combine!

- .pdf and .docx files for everything
- 5 different 4-student math mosaics
- Each student's worksheet has 12 factorable quadratic trinomial equations, including cases involving a common factor first
- Answer Range key, to assess their work at a glance.

If you want to try a WHOLE CLASS collaborative holiday math mosaic, check out "The Grinch", available in Linear Equations, Acute Trigonometry, and Linear Systems Versions! Or Cindy Lou Who in a 6 version linear equations bundle!

Merry Christmas,

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Created: Nov 11, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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