Colours Activities/Tasks and Sorting into Colour Groups, Cut/Paste - EYFS/Reception/Yr1

This product relates to activities based on colours.

Aimed at: EYFS/Reception/Year 1/SEN groups.

Ideal to use in a carousel system - each table has a dedicated activity and the children can move round once they have had a go at an activity.

Teachers Notes on activities
-Whole page colour words surrounded by bubbles
-Whole page colour words for children to trace over the dashes

  • Colour word cards - upper case letters
  • Colour word cards - lower case letters
  • Selection of colour pictures with labels
  • Black and white pictures for children to colour in
  • Clipart buttons in a variety of colours

Colours : red, brown, blue, orange, black, green, grey, yellow, white, purple and pink.

<strong>• Activity 1</strong> – You can direct the children to use any colour media to fill in the colour words and the bubbles – paint, crayons, felt tips, pencils.

<strong>• Activity 2</strong> – Children join up the dashes to complete the letters and then colour in the word. They can draw things that are usually that colour.

<strong>• Activity 3</strong> – Use IT Paint Palette on computer to create a colourful picture or simply a rainbow. Extension: Ask the more able to copy type/write the colours they have used.

</strong>• Activity 4 – Colour sort.</strong> Children sort the buttons by colour and glue them in the correct circles.

<strong>• Activity 5: Hands-on activity:</strong> Alternatively, put out a selection of real buttons for children sort into colour groups onto the circles and they can say how they have grouped the buttons.

<strong>• Activity 6: Word cards (upper/lower case letters):</strong>
Lay out blank sugar paper or ordinary paper for children to glue on the colour card word, either upper or lower case, and then colour inside the letters.

<strong>Prep:</strong> Cut out a selection of different colour pictures for the children and get them to decide which colour pictures they should stick around the name of the card colour. See preview slide.

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