Colours Activities/Tasks and Sorting into Colour Groups, Cut/Paste, IT Link - EYFS/Reception/Yr1/SEN

This product relates to activities based on colour recognition and grouping colours that are the same.

Aimed at: EYFS/Reception/Year 1/SEN groups.

Ideal to use in a carousel system - each table has a dedicated activity and the children can move round once they have had a go at an activity.

Teachers Notes on activities
Resources for suggested activities
Clipart buttons in a variety of colours

The eleven colours used are: red, brown, blue, orange, black, green, grey, yellow, white, purple and pink.

<strong>• Activity 1</strong> – You can direct the children to use any colour media to fill in the colour words and the bubbles – paint, crayons, felt tips, pencils.

<strong>• Activity 2</strong> – Children join up the dashes and then colour in. They can draw things that are usually that colour, e.g. red strawberries, grey pencil, blue sky, yellow sun and so on. First elicit from the children the things that see that are usually that colour. Some may say green grass. Also accept things they see in two colours such as black and white cat etc.

<strong>• Activity 3</strong> – Use IT Paint Palette on computer to create a colourful picture or simply a rainbow. Extension: Ask the more able to list the colours they have used.

</strong>• Activity 4 – Colour sort.</strong> Children sort the buttons by colour and glue them in the correct circles. I have included a variety of clipart buttons. You can mix a selection of buttons up for the children to sort.

<strong>• Activity 5: Hands-on activity:</strong> Alternatively, put out a selection of real buttons for children sort into colour groups onto the circles and they can say how they have grouped the buttons.

I hope the little ones enjoy these activities.

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