Comanche Native American Tribe Essay

The Comanche tribe has many customs that they take to heart. The comanche believed that everything from a great willow tree to a small fox had a spirit. They believed that the spirits could heal, protect, and bring success in all aspects of life. There were many ceremonies and customs revolved around these sacred spirits. One of the many customs was that before the comanche people ate, they would take a portion of whatever they were eating and hold it up to the sky and then they would bury the offering in the mother earth. It was a custom to smoke a pipe. Smoking a pipe was seen as a way to communicate with the spirits.When the smoke was was exhaled it was considered a prayer to the spirits. The comanche people spent a good amount of time crafting sacred and detailed pipes out of stone. Names were also important to the Comanche tribe. To the comanches names had spiritual meanings behind them. When a baby was born they would immediately get a relative or more often a shaman to name the baby. Men would sometimes change their name after an act of bravery to commemorate the act.

The comanche would regularly meet with all of the leaders of the bands and perform a start the pipe smoking ceremony. The pipe smoking ceremony was to connect the physical world to the spiritual world. The first puff of the pipe was to Manitou, the great spirit. The comanche had their own form of sundance where they would gather in one spot at certain times of the year to perform their sun dance. The comanche tribe was one of the only tribes that did not participate in the ghost dance movement in 1890.

The Comanche did not have permanent enemies. The Comanche was sometimes enemies ......
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