For the AQA Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) Paper 1

I made this as a revision/exam technique activity for the questions where students are asked to comment on whether a statement is justified.

Give the students the table of election data for the Humberside region (tab 1 on the Excel file) Ask them to fill in the column for which party was elected in each constituency, and calculate the total number of votes and percentage turnout (answers are on tab 2)

Give the students the sheet with the four "statements" made about the data (these are fictitious media comments), and ask them to comment on whether or not the statements are justified, using calculations to illustrate their argument. Suggested answers are given.


  • Election-data-questions---answers.docx
  • Election-data-student-table---answers.xlsx

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    Used for revision of critical analysis. Gave out a partially completed table instead of columns completely blank to speed up process and added questions about what formula could be used on a spreadsheet.

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    user avatarDaveGalea year agoreport

    Thanks for this. A well structured resource for a topic that doesn't have many resources yet!

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    Great :) Will be making use of this in September for my Core Maths classes :)

    Adaptable to any region in the UK too :)

    Thank you for creating it

    • user avatarecraeReply from Authora year ago

      Thanks! I'd be interested to hear if you come up with any good ideas while teaching the course - there don't seem to be many resources out there yet :)