KS3 Computer Systems Bundle

This bundle includes both my year 7 and year 8 Computer Systems units of work!

What you will learn within the year 7 unit of work:

  • To show understanding of the difference between input and output devices with suitable examples.
  • To understand the difference between internal and external devices with suitable examples.
  • To describe the different types of storage: Magnetic, Optical and Solid State.
  • To understand the role and purpose of the CPU and the relationship with RAM (Fetch-Execute Cycle).
  • To show an understanding of an embedded system including suitable examples.

What you will learn within the year 8 unit of work:

  • Explain factors affecting CPU performance.
    • Clock Speed
    • Cache Size
    • Number of Cores
  • RAM, ROM and Virtual Memory – understanding of differences between volatile and non-volatile memory.
  • Explain factors affecting secondary storage.
    • Cost
    • Capacity
    • Speed
    • Portability
  • Understand the Fetch – Execute Cycle.

Both units of work include a range of information and activities to develop student knowledge and understanding of computer systems.

A final assessment is also included.

Teacher answer powerpoints for both units of work are also included.

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