Deserts & Plant Adaptations

Pupils will be able to enquire and ask / research a series of questions, using a data capture sheet. Pupils will know what the definition of a desert is and name an example of at least one and know how desert plants are adapted to their environment.

The resources are differentiated so that higher ability pupils can ask further / higher level questions and the structure of the enquiry sheet can suggest/prompt lower ability pupils for answers. the plenery is a fun idea and it works well with year 8 pupils... surprising how much they can recall.


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  • Mea00004a year agoReport

    Thank you! These are very helpful for a history teacher who has been asked to teach a geography topic.

  • lilianepa year agoReport

    very clear and useful

  • elliewest2 years agoReport

    Thank you so much for posting these excellent documents. They will be so helpful.