DESIGN IT (1) - SOFTER MATERIALS is a fantastic 34 page workbooklet filled with simple, visual and active tasks all about seeing objects around us and working out how they were made, with what materials and what each object’s purpose is. The booklet covers basic design ideas, use of soft material with paper/fabric/wool/food sections and a special design project. Some of our everyday objects are simple and easy to use, can save us money and other objects can have fancier or special features made from SOFT materials. Sometimes an object may look ordinary but simple design elements we don’t notice at first. This workbooklet is filled with active, visual and practical tasks for primary or lower secondary and special education students and offers staff flexibility about who delivers the workbooklet and how many tasks are completed. See also DESIGN IT (1) - HARD (RESISTANT) MATERIALS and DESIGN IT (3) - UPCYCLE IT.

With an easy-to-follow format, a non-specialist teacher or teacher aide can also deliver this workbooklet with confidence, add ideas and many students will self-direct their learning.

This workbooklet also includes a Student Learning Checklist and Assessment for Learning feedback sheets.
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