DESIGN IT (3) - UPCYCLE IT workbooklet
DESIGN IT (3) - UPCYCLE IT is a fantastic 28 page workbooklet filled with simple, visual and active tasks all about re-purposing and re-designing objects around us using practical, fun tasks. The UPCYCLE IT workbooklet is all about seeing objects around us and working out how we can take some parts of it and change their purpose and change its look to a new or fresher object. The object often becomes more useful or nicer than it previously was. This fantastic new workbooklet helps students find some ideas for changing some objects and looks at different uses of an object. It is full of creative tasks and their imagination will enjoy exploring new ideas! And maybe they will even be able to make some cheap and fun gifts to give to people so they can enjoy UPCYCLING too!This workbooklet is filled with active, visual and practical tasks for primary or lower secondary and special education students and offers staff flexibility about who delivers the workbooklet and how many tasks are completed. See also DESIGN IT (1) - HARD (RESISTANT) MATERIALS and DESIGN IT (2) - SOFTER MATERIALS.

With an easy-to-follow format, a non-specialist teacher or teacher aide can also deliver this workbooklet with confidence, add ideas and many students will self-direct their learning.

This workbooklet also includes a Student Learning Checklist and Assessment for Learning feedback sheets.
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