Diwali Festival

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A PowerPoint input on Diwali, what the festival is, who it is celebrated by and highlighting of some of the traditions. At the end are questions for a plenary and summary of an activity involving making Rangoli patterns with chalk.

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Diwali Festival

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CreatedNov 26, 2010
UpdatedNov 5, 2013

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    This is brilliant resource which sets out the content of Diwali in a very concise way.
    Although I did have to remove the chime sound effect!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this resource.

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    Thanks for this useful powerpoint for our Questioning Belief class. It really clear and easy for students to follow

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended by TES Resource Team and will feature in the Early Years newsletter.

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    user avatarmmemullins4 years agoReport

    This is a great powerpoint! Exactly what I was looking for - direct and simple for young children to understand. Thank you for sharing!