pdf, 30 MB
pdf, 30 MB
This course booklet contains all of the:
- worksheets
- chunking/terminology activities for each lesson
- homeworks
- associated mind map and revision activities
- revision activities
- literacy activities
- differentiated word searches and crosswords

I issue each student that I teach with this booklet and we work through it with the associated PowerPoints.

The booklet starts with a specification checklist and a PLC activity for each unit of work.

Each lesson starts with the associated chunking/terminology and then features lesson content and an associated home task (past paper of exam-style questions). I work through these one lesson at a time and test the terminology/chunking knowledge in the next lesson (usually a practical or CAB lesson).

At the completion of each teaching block, student create their own mind map.

At the end of the course are some revision activities and high quality mind maps.

This is the complete document for teaching the Edexcel GCSE ICT theory components.

This document last my classes for two years.



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3 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks for this resource, could you sent me the Power Points Thank- shaundell_forde@yahoo.com


4 years ago

Thanks for the resources, have been really useful. Could you send me a link to the PowerPoints thanks - katevincent@hotmail.co.uk


4 years ago

A excellent download. Many thanks. If there are other resources (ppts etc) to go with this, how could I obtain these?


4 years ago

Hi, could I have the accompanying PowerPoints that go with this please? My e-mail address is etimmins@highamlaneschool.co.uk. Thanks. Great resource!

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