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This printable worksheet is a one page document created using Microsoft Word. It is designed to be used with the internet or printed for students to complete. This is a good product to use for homework or sub plans as everything the students need is present on the worksheet.
This activity includes important information about the Electoral College election process in the United States:

  • The United States uses the Electoral College to elect a President and Vice President. Each state is given a certain number of “electors.” The number of electors from each state is dependent on the number of members that state has in Congress (EXAMPLE: Ohio has 2 Senators and 16 House of Representatives members; therefore Ohio has 18 electoral votes.)
  • The electors in each state are “supposed” to vote for the candidate that wins the popular vote in that state. If a candidate wins the state, they typically get all of the electoral votes for that state. In order for a candidate to win, they must win at least 270 electoral votes.
  • In the case of a tie or if no candidate gets a majority (270 votes,) the House of Representatives decides the outcome. Within the House of Representatives, each state delegation receives one vote to cast. A majority is required to win (26 votes)
    The above information is included on the worksheet for students to refer to as they complete the three extended response questions that make up the rest of the worksheet.

The extended response questions assess students on their knowledge of the process, opinion on the process, and potential problems/issues with the system.

This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource.

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