Elmer Literacy and Art ideas & resources Templates

EY KS1 Elmer ideas sheet & resources. Black and white and colour. (Elmer, blank elephant, speech bubbles with Elmer) 2 Separate blank Elmer templates that could be opened with a paint programme for children to use fill tool to fill squares with colours 3 Elmer signs for display of Elmer’s day parade.


25 Reviews

  • sreelatha722 months agoReport

    loved them. thanks for sharing

  • Jo19953 years agoReport

    really helpful and great ideas for the small ones to have a go at problem solving

  • Thanks Chrissie, just what I was looking for!

  • feather2113 years agoReport

    thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for letting others benefit from your hard work. T he signs have enhanced our Elmer display.