Estimate, compare and calculate different measures, including money in pounds and pence

Please find within this download:

A detailed and engaging PowerPoint, Differentiated (SEN, LA, MA, HA & Mastery) Worksheet with Answer Sheet for a complete lesson on this National Curriculum Statement.

The PowerPoint has the following features:

→ Differentiated starter activity (plus extension)
→ Extremely logical and simplistic explanations with animated examples and pictures to aid learning
→ Discusses key vocabulary related to the learning objective, giving specific examples of each: estimate, compare and calculate
→ A variety of different examples of estimates, comparisons and calculations are used throughout the presentation
→ Clear and precise instructions as to how we actually solve estimation problems, comparison problems and calculations
→ Many opportunities for AfL embedded within the lesson linked with estimation, comparison and calculation
→ Learning Objective and differentiated success criteria which is clearly visible for all children
→ Animated count-down timer so children know how long they have left of the lesson
→ Plenary activity to stretch learners knowledge by applying their skills to a more complex problem

The Word Document has the following features:

→ Differentiated activities on one sheet from SEN, LA, MA, HA and Mastery Challenge
→ Coloured activity boxes to help you quickly assign tasks to children
→ Learning objective and short date (which automatically updates to the day you open the document)
→ Differentiated success criteria that link with the PowerPoint
→ Answer sheet included for all questions

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