Five Minutes to Fluency Bundle + DOL on the Side
RESOURCE !: Differentiated site word practice.

Over 140 pages of site word printables -- These blackline masters help students learn site words by reading passages and writing sentences -- and then repeating the process.

Site words are the most commonly used words in reading and writing and represent about 67% of words students encounter in daily text. These words are often grouped and learned by grade level. The site words contained herein are the first one hundred, plus essential words from subsequent lists designed to help struggling and early readers recognize them automatically.

The following passages are great for increasing the fluency of beginning readers. They start out easy and become increasingly difficult, but not too difficult. The passages may be used as bell ringers, buddy work and homework practice, or all three, as research indicates that repeated reading of the same passage helps increase fluency. The passages are basic and enable students to read from simple to more complex sentences as they become more familiar with the particular site word around which each passage is written.

Research also indicates that memorizing site words by list is less effective and less desirable than through authentic passage reading and writing exercises. The value of identifying and truly learning site words exists within reading practice and even phonics lessons (Farrell, Osenga and Hunter, 2013) that mimic genuine reading work. That’s why we’ve designed our worksheets to isolate each word, put it in a passage and then require students to think about the word as they write their own sentences and then go back and re-read what they wrote.

RESOURCE II: 198 Pages
Five Minutes to Fluency and Comprehension is a research-based program that easily fits into any busy school day. Five minutes, from start to finish, as students peer read, one and two minute strategically worded passages and stories, partner review and then provide instant feedback. Five Minutes to Fluency and Comprehension offers a quick, simple and inexpensive way to increase fluency and comprehension. The program is for classroom use, but can easily be incorporated into take home or parent involvement activities. The instructions are easy to follow, best of all, Five Minutes to Fluency and Comprehension is easy to differentiate, adapt as close readings and effortlessly incorporate Response to Intervention into a whole class or individual setting.

Table of Contents
Instructions for Fluency Letter Pages 5
Instructions for Fluency Practice for a Group or Class 6
A Few Words About Reading Instruction 9
Practice Passages: Letters to Words 11
Short “a” Letter Page 12
Short “e” Letter Page 14
Short “i” Letter Page 16
Short “o” Letter Page 18
Short “u” Letter Page 20
Long “a” Letter Page 22
Long “e” Letter Page 24
Long “i” Letter Page 26
Long “o” Letter Page 28
Long “u” Letter Page 30
“c” Letter Page 32
“m” Letter Page 34
“p” Letter Page 36
“f” Letter Page 38
“b” Letter Page 40
“ar” Letter Page 42
“ar” and “ur” Letter Page 44
“ow” Letter Page 46
Passages 49
High Frequency Words 50
Fluency “ir”, “or” and “our” 56
Fluency Words “long e spelled y” 58
Fluency Words “Contractions” 61
Fluency Words “Consonant Pairs” 64
Fluency “th” Words 67
Fluency “s” or “es” Words 70
Fluency Soft “c” and “s” Words 73
Fluency Words “Compound Words” 76
Fluency Words “f”, “ff” and “ough” 79
Fluency Words “w”, “wh” and “h” 82
Fluency Words “More High Frequency Words” 85
Fluency Words ”Even More HFW” 88
Fluency “Words, Words, Words” 91
Fluency “Words Again” 94
Fluency “Words Revisited” 97
Fluency “More Words to Read 100
Fluency “The Other Sound of C 103
Fluency “Almost Last Set of Words” 106
Fluency “Last Set of Words” 109
Fluency “Action Words” 112
Fluency “Things” 113
Fluency D, F and G Words 114
Words to Read and Know 115
Fluency First Hundred 116
Fluency First Hundred – Part 2 117
Fluency First Hundred – Part 3 118
Vowels 119
Fluency Short Vowels “a” 121
Fluency Short Vowels “e” 123
Fluency Short Vowel “I” 125
Fluency Short Vowel “o” 127
Fluency Short Vowel “u” 129
Fluency Long Vowels “a” 131
Fluency Long “e” 133
Fluency Long “I” 135
Fluency Long “o” Words 137
Fluency Long “u” Words 139
Passages 141
Story Passages 179
Inventory Sheets and Logs 191! !


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