Flexible Student Workout Plan- Cardio, Strength and Flexibility
The following student workout plan incorporates exercises and movements from the 3 main components of physical fitness: 1. cardiovascular/aerobic endurance, 2. muscular strength and endurance and 3. flexibility. The format of the plan is intended for high school or college age students, 16 years old and above.

The plan combines the 3 areas of physical fitness but allows for flexibility in how the students’ determine the duration of each component and the mode in which they exercise. The beauty of this Student Workout Plan is that the students can use it over and over again but have completely different workouts each time they use it. This plan is concise and can be copied on 2 sides making it a 1 sheet design. It incorporates a visual component to help with the students’ recall and it has “check off” buttons and “fill in” areas for cardio workout duration, and resistance sets and repetitions.

There are 2 forms of the plan: 1) A plan that is intended for a gym with only free weights and 2) A plan that is intended for a gym with resistance machines such as “Nautilus”.
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