French Basics End of Year Revision

Beginners French revision games and activities BUNDLE for KS2 (Year 5 / 6) or early KS3 (Year 7), ideal for the end of term or end of year: a giant crossword, 5 differentiated Snakes and Ladders boards, six 10-card loop games, a jigsaw puzzle and a Greetings and Introductions board. All printable, with answer keys where relevant.

Beginners French Speaking Games: 5 printable gameboards, with differentiation, for Snakes and Ladders (Serpents et Echelles) to practise basic French vocabulary orally. Any clues not managed could perhaps be looked up online or in a French dictionary. It’s fine in A4 but if you are using it with a larger group you might want to print in A3. Answer and instruction cardsare included. Boards 1 and 2 feature French words to be translated into English, while boards 3 and 4 feature English words to be translated into French. Board 5 is for lower ability pupils and features pictures and multiple choice answers. Most vocabulary comes from these topics:

  • calendar (le calendrier) - days (les jours de la semaine), months (les mois), dates etc.

  • numbers (les nombres / les numeros)

  • introductions and greetings

  • weather (la meteo / le temps)

  • classroom objects (les objets de la classe)

  • colours (les couleurs)

Beginners French vocabulary writing revision activity for French Numbers (Les Nombres / Les Numeros), Calendar (Days, Months, Dates - Les Jours, Les Mois, La Date), Greetings and Introductions, Colours (Les Couleurs), Weather (La Meteo / Le Temps), Classroom Objects (Les Objets de la Classe) and more. A large (about 100 clues) crossword puzzle, ideal for group work, with children perhaps competing against other groups to solve the puzzle as fast as possible. In addition to the Crossword Solution, there is also an alphabetical list of answers which you can give out to pupils for support where necessary. It’s fine in A4 but if you are using it with a larger group you might want to print in A3.

Beginners French Speaking Games for this key area. A board game and vocabulary card for fun practice of basic French greetings (les salutations), farewells and introductions (Je me presente / Introducing myself), six 10-card loop games and a jigsaw puzzle. Instructions for all activities are included. With the board game, students take turns to roll a dice and move the appropriate number of spaces. They have to say aloud in French the word, phrase or question they land on, otherwise they return to the space they came from. 3 versions are included (with minor changes around nationality and country to suit different locations). The vocabulary card can be provided for support where required. There are also six 10-card loop games, which are coloured differently. If printing in black and white use different coloured card to help keep them separate. Designed for oral practice in small groups, with a student reading out the English word or phrase on their card and others checking if they have the French translation, then reading this out - and so on until the loop is completed. In each loop you can start at any point. With the jigsaw puzzle, print, laminate and cut out the 16 triangular pieces. Students match key French vocabulary with English translations to build a larger triangle.

For previews and further information, please see the individual resources.

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