French writing paragraph of the week - Full year French writing program bundle

**Full year French writing program - 50 French writing activities - Écriture sans préparation **

This whole year French writing program will have your students writing every day. Each of the fifty writing activities in this program includes five pre-writing and writing activities for Monday through Friday. These writing prompts are a great way both to introduce and to review writing. Provide each student with a “paragraphe de la semaine” folder and have them add to it every day as you give them daily assignments. At the end of the week have them turn in their folders. On Monday, you can start over again with a new theme.

This paragraphe de la semaine writing resource contains 50 weeks worth of Monday through Friday prewriting and writing activities.

Use these weekly no prep writing activities with many different levels whether you teach primary immersion, primary core, or traditional middle and high school. You can easily modify the activities for older students. The themed prompts are suitable for any age. For older students you can just leave out the drawing activity and move through the others more quickly than you would with younger ones.

Here are the themes included in set 1:

❶ le matin

❷ le week-end

❸ ma chambre

❹ je n’ai pas peur

❺ ma matière préférée

❻ les vacances

❼ les voisins

❽ la pizza

❾ la pluie

❿ l’école

Here are the themes included in set 2:

❶ la personne que j’admire le plus

❷ mon anniversaire

❸ mon repas préféré

❹ les restaurants

❺ les sports

❻ après l’école

❼ les vêtements

❽ mon quartier

❾ notre salle de classe

❿ les émotions

Here are the themes included in set 3:

❶ l’hiver

❷ mes parents

❸ j’étais fier

❹ je n’aime pas manger

❺ les devoirs

❻ être heureux

❼ un château de sable

❽ le soir

❾ j’ai peur

❿ bien élevé

Here are the themes included in set 4:

❶ une cabane dans les arbres

❷ je n’aime vraiment pas manger

❸ un bon sandwich

❹ rester en bonne santé

❺ le samedi après-midi

❻ quand je serai adulte

❼ la piscine

❽ un parc d’attractions

❾ le zoo

❿ trois souhaits

Here are the themes included in set 5:

❶ si j’étais invisible

❷ si j’étais un serpent

❸ la mer

❹ la montagne

❺ la télévision

❻ la lune

❼ voyager dans le temps

❽ si je savais voler

❾ les notes

❿ sous mon lit

Here’s how this writing program works:

✍Lundi: Je dessine - Give students a drawing page with a writing prompt at the top. This will have them beginning to think about the writing theme for the week and is their first pre-writing assignment. Kids love drawing, and the pictures they draw will later serve as inspiration!

✍Mardi: Mon livret de vocabulaire - Each student receives a booklet to help them explore the vocabulary related to the week’s writing theme. The front page includes the writing prompt of the week and an image. The second page includes over 80 frequently used French words. Page three lists 12 words that go along with the theme of the week, and the back page has space for ten words that students have either thought of on their own or looked up in the dictionary. The booklet is a simple one page printable that you can either fold in advance or have students do it on their own. Kids write their name on the front cover and you could have them color it.

✍Mercredi: Vocabulaire - Students go back to their vocabulary booklets from Tuesday and choose ten words that they will include in their rough draft. The words they choose can be a combination of words they have chosen and themed vocabulary that was already written in the booklet. They then write down the chosen words on their vocabulary page that says “ Mots de vocabulaire utiles: J’utiliserai ces mots dans mon paragraphe.”

✍Jeudi: Mon brouillon - Students write a rough draft of their paragraph using the vocabulary words selected on Wednesday. The brouillon page includes a 5 point checklist at the top for students to evaluate their work for themselves before writing the final copy on Friday. This will motivate students to look over their work and make corrections.

✍Vendredi: Ma copie propre - The fifth and final step in this writing program is to write the final copy. Students should feel very confident in writing about this week’s theme by now. At the top of the final copy page they’ll see the writing prompt and question words that they can ask themselves while writing: qui - quoi - quand - où - pourquoi - comment

Ways you can use this writing program:

✎ Enhance your writing program by practicing a little every day.

✎ Use the prompts at writing centers Monday - Friday.

✎ Daily 5 rotations

✎ Homework

✎ Writing centers

✎ Fast finishers

✎ Tutoring sessions

✎ No prep sub materials

✎ Morning work

✎ Project on whiteboard for a whole class speaking activity

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