Le paragraphe de la semaine - Set 5 - 10 week French primary writing program

This 10 week French writing program will have your students writing every day, Monday - Friday. Easy way to introduce and review writing. Give each student a paragraphe de la semaine folder and they add to it as you give them assignments. On Friday, they turn them in. On Monday, start over.

Themes in Set 5
voyager dans le temps
sous mon lit
les notes

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Lundi: Je dessine - Students get a drawing page with a prompt. They think about the theme for the week. It is the 1st prewriting assignment. Kids love drawing, and their pictures serve as inspiration!

Mardi: Mon livret de vocabulaire - Each student gets a booklet to explore vocabulary. Front page shows the writing prompt and image. Page 2 has over 80 frequently used French words. Page 3 lists 12 words that go with the theme, and the back page has space for 10 words students think of or look up. The booklet is a 1 page printable that you can fold in advance. Write their name on the front cover and they can color it.

Mercredi: Vocabulaire - Go back to vocabulary booklets from Tuesday and choose 10 words to include in the rough draft. Words are a combination of those they’ve chosen and themed vocabulary already written in the booklet. They write the chosen words on their vocabulary page that says: *Mots de vocabulaire utiles: J’utiliserai ces mots dans mon paragraphe. *

Jeudi: Mon brouillon - Write rough draft of paragraph using vocabulary selected on Wednesday. The brouillon page has a 5 point checklist to evaluate work before writing the final copy. This motivates students to look over their work and make corrections.

Vendredi: Ma copie propre - The 5th step in the program is writing the final copy. Students should feel very confident in writing about the theme. The top of the final page has the prompt and question words to consider while writing: qui - quoi - quand - où - pourquoi - comment

Ways to use this program:

  • Use the prompts at writing centers Monday - Friday.
  • Daily 5 rotations
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