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A very simple set of slides profiling properties of some of the main gases. I used it as the intro of an espionage-themed lesson on gases, where the children fill in 'classified&' profile sheets for each gas, deciding on whether the gases are friends or foes i.e more harmful than useful/vice versa etc.

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CreatedMay 23, 2007
UpdatedMar 7, 2014

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    user avatarlrosselli3 years agoReport

    Great info to help my class create posters about the gases

  • 3
    user avatarlathaj8 years agoReport

    Useful Gases. Useful aid to arouse chn's interest.

  • 2
    user avataranon32378 years agoReport

    Simple introduction to some gases. Useful as a basic starter.

  • 3
    user avataramadas9 years agoReport

    Gases ppt. Thank you - just what I needed as a base to get class started on making gas fact files. Saved me a lot of work!

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