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New GCSE AQA Physics lesson on 'Conservation of energy' written in line with new AQA Physics specification.

Lessons starts with a 'energy store' description in regards to a pendulum (using interesting animations) which consolidates the previous lessons on energy stores.

The swinging pendulum back towards the face is used as the vehicle to discuss conservation of energy, posing the question 'will you be hit in the face when the pendulum swings back?'. Students are led to an experiment to investigate a pendulum swing using basic lab equipment (clamp, string and mass for end of pendulum, can use a bobbin or plasticine) to make observations. This allows for an informed discussion and conclusion to be made to the original question.

Energy in closed systems are explained with the reason for them to be used in science, open systems are also looked at in order to allow contrast. The conservation of energy is summarised through discussion of systems which lead to comparing and contrasting a bouncy ball and also bungee jumps in relation to changes in energy stores and conservation of energy.

Lesson Objectives:
1) Use ideas about changes in energy stores to explain a pendulum swinging.
2) State what the ‘conservation of energy’ is and explain why conservation of energy is important.
3) Explain what is meant by a ‘closed system’ and how they are used in science.
4) Compare and contrast changes to energy stores between closed and open systems



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