Hi all, this is a pub quiz that I made for our year 11 students aimed at some last minute revision. The content is largely calculator topics, as it was ahead of the calculator exam in June 2016. The topics are largely D-B grade.

There are 6 rounds: Number, shape, general knowledge, data, algebra and music. There are also 2 additional picture rounds to keep the students entertained while their answer sheets are being marked! I encouraged the students to write their answers to the picture rounds on the back of the sheets, and answer sheets are provided for the other 6 rounds.

Each section shows the question in turn, then the papers are marked and there is a worked example of every question to flick through after. I gave one point for the correct answer only - as this was meant to be a bit of fun and something different from encouraging students to show perfect exam technique. I also gave prizes for first, second, and second last - but feel free to do this however you like!

I hope you enjoy and find this useful - it took me hours to make and it made sense to share it with others!


  • Answer-sheet.docx
  • PUB-QUIZ.pptx
  • An-Hour-of-Jeopardy-Think-Music.mp3
  • Fast-food-logos-ANSWERS.pdf
  • Fast-food-logos.pdf
  • European-countries.pdf

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3 Reviews

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    user avatarDaveGalea year agoreport

    Thanks very much. Nice range of maths questions. The general knowledge round will need updating and the music round needs a little prep but the maths parts and the picture rounds are great. Thanks.

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    user avatarzara109a year agoreport

    Brilliant thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing. This looks awesome. Just what I needed for my year 11's.
    Just a quick question; how did you do the music round?