Grade 2 THINK ON YOUR FEET MATH! Interactive Test Prep Game— Add/Subtract within 100 2.NBT.5
“Think on Your Feet!” Game – a better-than-Jeopardy interactive game to reinforce students’ practice and mastery of 2.NBT.5 – Add and Subtract within 100 using strategies and word problems.

• Interactive PowerPoint designed for computer/doc camera and Smart Boards.
(67 slides)
• No Prep format: Plug in computer and go.
• 20 Word Problems to promote fluency, collaboration and accountable talk.
• Adherence to state and district standards.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Open the this freebie sampler and try out this engaging “Jeopardy-type” game. Enjoy the fast-paced questions with hyperlinks, sounds, keeping score, and eye-catching visuals.

~~~ Kid Tested—Educator approved: The feedback from teachers across the country and my fellow teachers at school, who use these grade-level interactive sets of task and game cards, state that kids are engaged and enthused; that the students are focused on the screen, calculating the problems, helping one another with the answers, laughing at the images and animations, and most of all – TALKING OUT LOUD ABOUT MATH.

We call it the “WOW” factor! ~~~

ACCOUNTABLE TALK: You will see your students become TEAM PLAYERS as they “talk it out” and problem-solve. They can pick an advisor, take a team vote or decide alone for the answers. The game provides immediate reinforcement of correct thinking about math.

The 20 word problems progressively develop the 6 “I can” statements and clarify the entire 2.NBT.5.

I can use what I know about place value to add and subtract tens and ones.
I can use what I know about regrouping to add and subtract tens and ones.
I can add and subtract with a hundred chart.
I can add and subtract using regrouping with a hundred chart.
I can use a number line to add and subtract tens and ones.
I can add by making tens (and by using other compensation strategies.)

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